House Cleaning Service Offers

Commercial Cleaning Price Estimation

It is important to understand that the prices mentioned in the table are only estimates or indicative rates. The actual costs of commercial cleaning services may vary depending on several factors such as building size, level of dirt, service frequency, geographical location, required equipment, and other criteria.

Commercial cleaning companies usually provide customized quotes based on the specific needs of each client. Before subscribing to a cleaning service, it is essential to request a detailed quote and discuss the services included in the package.

Prices may also be subject to seasonal variations or special promotions. Some cleaning contracts may include additional options such as window cleaning, carpet washing, special disinfection, etc., which can influence the total cost.

Therefore, it is advisable to directly contact the cleaning company to get accurate information on prices and services offered. This will provide a more precise evaluation based on your specific needs and ensure full transparency regarding the costs involved.

Service Description Price
Regular Cleaning Comprehensive house cleaning $80 - $150
Deep Cleaning Thorough cleaning with additional services $120 - $200
Post-Renovation Cleaning Cleaning of debris and residues after renovation work $150 - $250
Window Cleaning Cleaning of interior and exterior windows $50 - $100
Carpet Cleaning Deep cleaning of carpets and rugs $80 - $120
Furniture Cleaning Cleaning and maintenance of fabric furniture $60 - $100

List of Prices and Types of Buildings to Clean

Building Type Description Price (in CAD)
Single House An independent house with its own yard, requiring a comprehensive cleaning of rooms, surfaces, and exteriors. Starting from $100 - $300
Apartment A residential unit in a building, requiring cleaning of rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Approximately $50 - $150
Condominium A residential unit in a building with shared common spaces, requiring cleaning of private and common areas. Between $80 - $200

Costs and Services for Commercial Cleaning

Service Description Price (in CAD)
Office Cleaning Regular cleaning of offices, including common areas, individual offices, and meeting rooms. Starting from $150 - $300 per month
Store Cleaning Cleaning of retail spaces, showcases, counters, and storage areas. Approximately $100 - $250 per visit
Warehouse Cleaning Thorough cleaning of warehouses, including waste disposal and floor cleaning. Between $200 - $500 per session
Hotel Cleaning Cleaning of rooms, common areas, restaurants, and outdoor spaces in hotels. Starting from $300 - $800 per month (depending on the hotel size)